Curiosity kills the cat, or not.

XYZ IT mission is to probe relevant truths between humans and human-artifacts, map through the information science reading, orchestrate opportunities, and solutions using the digital, online, marketing, small-data, big-data languages.

Multiple generations of technologies supersede each other but coexist as the quantum mechanics truth:

the Shroedinger’s cat is alive and dead at the same time.

Comprehend and migrate from one tech to a better one is the core daily challenge on behalf of XYZ’s partners and clients.

XYZ’s only strategy is the curiosity to explore new tech paradigms and try out as early adopters. Evolve as observers first, and train as avant-garde explorers.

observation: open the box eventually will establish if the cat is alive or not

Evaluate what is the better and the best, provide guidance and migrate infrastructure, organizations, workflows, business models, human resources.

Serverless is the new point of observation, at high altitude where there are no clouds and all the clouds all together, where the darkness of a new planetary crisis is just an incredible eclipse that focus on new opportunities for humanity.

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